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“I recommend the Shakuhachi Yuu to anyone starting shakuhachi. It’s in tune, virtually indestructible, and inexpensive. But most importantly, it sounds really good. I am always relieved when a new student has a Yuu—I don’t have to worry about their instrument, just their playing!”
– Phil Nyokai James, Shakuhachi Teacher and Performer – USA

“What a surprising instrument is the Yuu Shakuhachi. Robust plastic, molded into the form of a bamboo root-end, it certainly looks the part. But the most pleasing aspect is the tremendous sound; so clear and responsive. I would have no hesitation in using the Shakuhachi Yuu in a performance at any level. It is a must for beginners, and at such a reasonable price, and as a second flute for experienced shakuhachi players, professionals and teachers.”
– Andrew MacGregor, Shakuhachi Teacher and Performer – Australia

Enhanced Seven-Hole Shakuhachi Yuu
– $789

For international orders of the Seven-Hole Enhanced Shakuhachi Yuu: Please choose the “Express Mail” shipping option. It does not cost much more than the regular Priority Mail option, it is very safe, fast and can be tracked.

The seven-hole shakuhachi is a post-War innovation, made popular by the great composer of modern shakuhachi music Miyata Kohachiro. The instrument is increasingly used by players performing Western classical music, however, it offers no limitations to performance of traditional and modern Japanese music

The two extra holes, Tsu no Meri (E-flat) and U (B-flat), were added for this purpose. They facilitate fast runs common in modern compositions. These two extra holes also eliminate ergonomic gymnastics associated with the shakuhachi technique of meri-kari and partial holings on two very important notes.

Quite a few traditional players now use the seven-hole shakuhachi exclusively as it offers greater flexibility with no impediment whatsoever to the performance of traditional honkyoku (solo Zen music), sankyoku (chamber music) and gaikyoku (ensemble music).

The addition work necessary to create this Seven-Hole Shakuhachi Yuu was done by Monty Levenson, a master shakuhachi maker.

For those who like to push the limits…here is the Enhanced 7 Hole Shakuhachi Yuu; an absolute work of art! The Enhanced Yuu has been through the workshop of Monty Levenson, an experienced craftsman of fine shakuhachi, and has emerged with the following enhancements:

– Bore and Tuning Enhancement. By putting the Shakuhachi Yuu through the rigors of a professional bore enhancement, the resonance is increased, the subtleties of pitch are fined tuned and enhanced, and the mouthpiece (utaguchi) is further refined. This work brings the Yuu to a much higher level of excellence.

– Elegant rattan bindings and brass rings at the joint. There is also nylon binding underneath the rattan, making the joints on the Enhanced Yuu extremely strong.

– Silk utaguchi cover included with with the Enhanced Yuu (colors may vary).

– The Enhanced Shakuhachi Yuu will easily perform with the same or better quality than bamboo shakuhachi which may cost 3 to 4 times more!

For those who want quality and do not want to spend thousands of dollars, the Enhanced Shakuhachi Yuu is a highly economical and incredibly durable alternative to expensive and temperamental bamboo shakuhachi. It would be almost impossible to find a shakuhachi that plays as well as the Enhanced Yuu for anywhere near this price! The Enhanced Shakuhachi Yuu will easily perform with the same or better quality than bamboo shakuhachi which may cost 3 to 4 times more!

The Enhanced Shakuhachi Yuu is a flute for both beginning and advanced musicians. From studying with a teacher and with teaching books and CDs, to professional performance, the Enhanced Yuu will fulfill your needs.

The Enhanced Shakuhachi Yuu is a flute for both beginning and advanced musicians. From studying with a teacher and with teaching books and CDs, to professional performance, the Enhanced Yuu will fulfill your needs.

Bore Enhancements (from Monty Levenson at

Resonance governs how much air the flute will accept and how hard the sound can be pushed. Any shakuhachi, including the most primitive plastic plumbing pipe models, will perform adequately in this area if the player blows softly. As more air is introduced into the bore and blowing becomes more intense, the higher partials or overtones of the sound are exercised giving the shakuhachi its distinctive ringing tone. If the bore profile of an instrument is not properly designed and rendered to a very precise shape, there are acoustical consequences. Unwanted vibrato, notes jumping into higher octaves, instability and weakness of tone and, in extreme case, the inability to produce a clear sound at all are just a few manifestations of resonance problems. Resonance is clearly the most important issue involved in the performance of a shakuhachi.

Listen to the Shakuhachi Yuu
(Standard Five-Hole Version)

Michael Chikuzen Gould very kindly allowed me to record him playing the Shakuhachi Yuu:

Shakuhachi Master Michael Chikuzen Gould improvising
on the Shakuhachi Yuu

Shakuhachi Master Michael Chikuzen Gould playing Kikko Genso Kyoku (Bellflower Fantasy) on the Shakuhachi Yuu

Shakuhachi Master Sugawara playing Shika No Tone
(Distant Call of the Deer) on the Shakuhachi Yuu

Shakuhachi beginner improvising on the Shakuhachi Yuu

Shakuhachi Yuu Beginner: Sunayama

Professional flute and shakuhachi player Geni Skendo plays the Shakuhachi Yuu on this jazz piece called Sugar,
from his forthcoming Stella CD

Watch Zac Zinger on YouTube, playing ‘Teen Town’
on the Shakuhachi Yuu

The Shakuhachi Yuu is a perfect student shakuhachi for beginning players who want to experience the shakuhachi without spending a lot of money. There are also many advanced shakuhachi players and teachers around the world who enjoy having a Yuu in their collection as well.

Please read some of the excellent endorsements from professional players and teachers!

One of the best things about the ABS Resin Shakuhachi Yuu is that it does not require maintenance like bamboo! You can take this flute with you wherever you go—traveling to foreign countries, hiking, backpacking, to the beach or desert—all without the slightest fear of the instrument being damaged.

The Shakuhachi Yuu will withstand any weather conditions, you can even play it in your bath or in a hot tub under the stars! The Shakuhachi Yuu feels very similar to professional bamboo instruments in terms of its size, shape, and weight. It is extremely rugged in its construction and disassembles easily for travel.

Please do not let the fact that the Shakuhachi Yuu is made from ABS plastic resin fool you or turn you away from owning one. The Shakuhachi Yuu is an excellent instrument, endorsed by numerous teachers and players, and the Yuu performs as well as some of the more expensive professional bamboo shakuhachi!

Please consider purchasing a shakuhachi cleaning cloth (tsuyutoshi) along with your Shakuhachi Yuu. A good quality cleaning cloth is essential for keeping the bore of your shakuhachi free of moisture, dust and dirt. The cleaning cloth is actually an important part of your shakuhachi practice.


You may purchase the Shakuhachi Yuu with full confidence. If you are not completely satisfied within 3 days of receiving the Yuu, you may return it for a refund. The Shakuhachi Yuu must be returned in its original condition with the label still intact. The original cost of shipping and return shipping cost will not be included in the refund.

Your purchase supports Naljor Prison Dharma Service / SourcePoint Gloal Outreach, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. We provide a collection of precious Buddhist dharma teachings and an excellent 28-page Resource Directory for Prisoners to men and women in prison throughout the U.S.A. In addition, we provide solar powered flashlights to villages in developing countries living without electricity or access to adequate lighting.

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