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Sitting Bench for Shakuhachi Practice
and Meditation (Legs fold in for easy transport)
– $72.00

A high quality, hand-made meditation bench for your shakuhachi or meditation practice.
This hardwood bench provides a simple and very comfortable way to sit for your practice sessions. Excellent design allows you to sit easily with your spine straight, your back supported, and your body relaxed.

This sitting or meditation bench, with folding legs, is handmade from the finest hardwood (Alder), padded with cotton batting and a layer of foam, and covered with a highly durable cotton fabric.

Using this meditation bench, you will experience sitting in a structurally correct and balanced way, where your body can sit in a natural position and at ease. The spinal column will align more naturally and the abdominal area, chest and lungs are open for greater breathing capacity. When your body is at ease, your mind will be at ease. When your body and mind are at ease, your shakuhachi and meditation practice will reflect this natural ease as well!

This sitting bench is hand-made, very comfortable, easy to carry, is made from top quality Alder wood, and has a 30 day money back guarantee.

Choosing the Size of Your Bench

The Standard bench is 5″ inches tall at the front and 6-1/2″ inches tall at the back (with the angled legs). The Large bench is 1″ inch taller than the Standard Bench. The dimensions of the cushioned sitting area are 18-3/4″ inches in length and 8″ inches wide. Generally, the large bench is good for people over 5′ 9″ tall. It is also good for those with stiffness or pain in their knees or hips. When purchasing, please specify which size bench you would like, using the area provided for “special requests and notes.”

Please Note: Your Sitting Bench will be drop shipped, from a different location, by UPS (UPS will not ship to a post office box). However, when making your purchase and checking out here on this website, simply use the option for USPS Priority Mail.

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