Tai Hei Student 1.8 Shakuhachi


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Tai Hei Student 1.8 Shakuhachi
– $535.00

(For International Shipping Only: This 1.8 Shakuhachi is too large to be sent by Global Priority Airmail. It must be sent by Global Express Airmail. If you choose to purchase this flute, please choose the Global Express Airmail option when making your payment and checking out on this website.)

This is an excellent 1.8 (key of D) bamboo shakuhachi to start your practice with! Precision cast bore, quality sound, very well tuned, beautiful bamboo, and an affordable price.

Made from specially selected madake and torachiku bamboo, these shakuhachi are used by teachers of traditional shakuhachi music for their beginning and intermediate students. These shakuhachi are made by master craftsman Monty Levenson of Tai Hei Shakuhachi.

This is a great 1.8 shakuhachi for those of you who would like a high-quality, well tuned instrument, but do not want to spend the money for a professional root end shakuhachi. This shakuhachi can be used for traditional study, for taking lessons with a teacher, for solo playing, and for playing nicely in tune with other instruments.

This Tei Hei 1.8 Shakuhachi comes complete with the following:

– Beautiful Wool Flute Bag (the bag you receive may be a different pattern than the one shown)
– Standard Binding
– Leather Utaguchi Cover
– Utaguchi (blowing edge) is inlaid with sterling silver
– Cleaning Cloth
– Flute Oil
– Monty Levenson’s full guarantee for the new owner of this flute!

* Lifetime guarantee against splitting! Tai Hei Shakuhachi, which are bound at the time of purchase, are guaranteed for life against cracking through to the bore rendering the flute unplayable. Only the time-tested method of tightly binding the flute will insure against the possibility of cracking. Tai Hei Shakuhachi is the only instrument of its kind to offer a lifetime guarantee against splitting if bound at the time of purchase. Returned instruments will be repaired or replaced at no charge. This guarantee is extended to the original owner of the instrument only (this would be the person who purchases this flute). It does not apply to cracks in the bamboo itself, nor to flutes that have been mishandled, neglected or otherwise abused.

– Guarantee –

You may purchase this Tai Hei 1.8 Student Shakuhachi with full confidence! If you are not completely satisfied, you are welcome to return it after 3 days of receiving it for a refund. Obviously, the flute must be returned in perfect condition. The original cost of shipping and your return shipping cost will not be included in the refund.

* Please note: The beautiful sound and excellent tuning of each Student 1.8 Shakuhachi are highly consistent with each flute. However, as you know, each piece of bamboo is completely unique; the patterns and color variations of the flute you receive will vary from the one shown here.

* For International Shipping Only: This 1.8 shakuhachi is too large to be sent by Global Priority Airmail. It must be sent by Global Express Airmail. So please choose this shipping option when making your purchase on this website.

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